About Us

Black Sheep Heavy Duty Supply started in October 2012 with a mission to bring better service and product availability to the Permian Basin. With a background in the Heavy Duty Truck parts Industry, we added a focus on Oilfield Supplies to better serve our customer base. 

Our Story

Currently Oilfield Supply is our main concern with truck parts still available. We specialize in customer-oriented inventory and service. We offer “one-stop-shop” inventory and service to make it easier and more cost efficient for our customers to operate. We feel that being a Black Sheep is a good thing, our main statement is “Got to be Different” and if you ask any of our customers, they will tell you exactly why we ARE different! Our mission at Black Sheep Heavy Duty Supply is to out-service the competition with a broad range of product availability and competitive pricing.

Our Products

We have just about every product you will need for your jobsite, office, farm/ranch, shop or place of business. If we don’t have it we can get it. We love saving you money and making your business run more efficiently by offering free local delivery. Don’t worry about going to 7 different stores and wasting your full day. Call us and see why people feel like family when doing business with us. 

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Your every day staple products. 

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Pipe Valve & Fittings-8
Pipe valves & fittings

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Meet Our Team

We are successful because of our team of employees. We would not be who we are without a core of great people.

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